Fitmint Market

One stop shop to buy & sell fitmint assets

Whether you want to buy sneakers, anvils or sneaker parts, Fitmint Market has it all!

How to access-

In order to access the Market, Visit this link & login with your email or if you are on Android, go to fitmint app -> more -> market

How to buy- Here's a Detailed Guide on how to decide which sneaker to buy & steps to purchase a sneaker. You would need sufficient MATIC in your game balance to buy a sneaker

You can also use Market to purchase an Anvil. These anvils can be bought in FITT & are required to for crafting a new sneaker

How to sell- Market can also be used to sell sneakers & Anvils you own. You can list your sneakers/anvils at the price you want. Once your asset is sold, MATIC/FITT is credited to your game balance. There's a 5% listing fee on all sneaker sales & 10% listing fee on all Anvil sales Ready to explore market?? Click here!

Coming soon- Market for sneaker parts

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