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Once upon a time, explorers from across galaxies came all the way to the mythical ‘Land of Sneakers’, called Shoetopia, to seek what the Sneaker Gods created… You are now to join the league of these great explorers, to find the legendary Sneaker parts which were forged from the Talaria of Mercury.

These fabled parts are Laces, Soles, Skin, Loops & Bodies — all of which are distinct & unique as you are. You must embark upon this quest, to find these Parts and collect them in your Satchel. Once you collect all the 5 parts of a Sneaker, you shall be able Craft your own Sneaker using your ‘Crafting Anvil’ & FITT tokens.

Why Crafting?

Crafting comes with several advantages:

  1. Crafted Sneakers can be used for the Fitmint gameplay. These Sneakers can be optimised for different workouts by varying the different stats such as Power, Durability & so on.

  2. With this new additional Sneaker, you would get more Energy units. ‘Cause, More Sneakers = More Energy Units!

  3. With the newly Crafted Sneakers you’ll get additional slots which can be used to collect more Sneaker Parts.

  4. You’ll be able to sell the Sneaker masterpiece that you Craft, on the Marketplace, directly to other players at a price that YOU decide.

But how do i collect sneaker parts?

As you keep working out, getting fit, you shall keep finding these Sneaker Parts, which you shall collect in your Satchel.

  • You’ll have a chance of getting any one Sneaker Part after a workout.

  • The part you find, will be stored in the Satchel of the respective Sneaker. For instance, if you stumble upon an MG Glides Lace, this lace will be stored in the Satchel for your MG Glides.

  • Once you get a certain part, the probability of getting the same one would be lower, so that you have a higher chance of collecting other Parts too.

  • Each Satchel you own would have certain storage slots depending on the level of your Sneaker.

  • If all the Satchel slots of a particular Sneaker are filled, you’ll not be able to collect any more Parts by working out with that Sneaker.

  • You can discard existing Sneaker Parts from your Satchel too, to create room for other parts.

I've got all the sneaker parts! What's next?

  • Woohoo! Once you collect all the 5 Sneaker Parts required to Craft a Sneaker, you’ll just need a Crafting Anvil and FITT tokens to start Crafting — either an MG Glides or Athlete Sneakers (coming soon).

  • To win a ‘Crafting Anvil’, you need to Stake your FITT on the app. For more details on Staking, click here.

  • As an early bird offer, you’ll be able to Craft your Sneaker at a discounted cost of 10,000 FITT Tokens. In future, this cost could evolve depending on the market dynamics.

  • In the future, you’ll be able to sell these Parts on our marketplace too.

Isn’t it exciting? That’s exactly our goal as well — to turn the pursuit of fitness into a game, where you stay hooked, where you enjoy and appreciate the journey more.

Are you ready to begin your quest for the Sneaker Parts?

Let’s start now!

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