Sneaker Optimization

What kind of workouts can you optimize sneakers for?

There are two primary types of workouts for which sneakers can be optimized:

  • Low Intensity

    • Sneakers tagged as low intensity are optimized for workouts with lower calorie burn / minute (for example walking)

  • High Intensity

    • Sneakers tagged as high intensity are optimized for workouts with higher calorie burn / minute (for example running)

Are sneakers modifiable?

Yes! You have complete control over your sneaker and you can choose to modify it by varyings its attributes. This would lead to a modification of the tag of the sneaker in case of an appropriate change

Jump on to stat change to figure out what would this change cost you & if you have levelled up enough to qualify for it!

How should I optimize my sneakers and reduce my repair costs?

1. Your sneaker's optimised intensity is high & you're working out at low intensity To fix this, you'll either need to work out at high intensity or change the sneaker's optimised intensity. Head to Stat change feature, you can move power & durability to see movement in sneaker's optimised intensity before deciding to pay the cost. Once you have moved into the correct zone, play around with the Power and Durability to figure out the most optimized point for your workout style. 2. Your sneaker's optimised intensity is low & you're working out at high intensity Resolution is similar to what is mentioned in for the first case 3. Your sneaker's optimized intensity is same as your workout intensity Congrats, your sneaker is already better than 1st & 2nd case. To reduce the repair cost further, you'll need to play with power & durability and see how your repair cost changes. Best way is move a few points, do workout and then see the impact. If the repair cost gets lesser, keep moving in the same direction, else shift to another direction 4. Your sneaker is unoptimized (red color base) Unfortunately, your sneaker is quite imbalanced but don't get discouraged. What you need is a major boost to the stat which is deficient (durability or power). Your goal should be to first get your sneaker's intensity to either high or low & then plan your strategy. To see how many points you'd need to move, check change stats feature, move points & see where your sneaker is moving before deciding to pay any cost.

A small list of best practises for all our Fitminters

  • Using your maximum energy quota keeps you fit and gets you FITT!

  • If you have workouts which vary significantly in intensity, maintaining two different sneakers will be ideal!

  • Most importantly - choose the right sneaker for your workout!

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