🎮Stat Change

My Sneaker, my rules!

All Fitverse residents have one thing in mind at present!

Use sneakers to keep yourselves fit, earn some $FITT and then craft some more sneakers to allow the other residents get on this journey

In pursuit of this goal, Fitminters have figured out that everyone does not have the same abilities. While some of them are speedy runners, the others walk continuously for longer distances through the jungle.

To ensure that everyone uses their ability to the best, Fitminters have created a mesmerising innovation. They have developed the ability to modify the sneakers they own!

Fitminters can now tweak their sneakers within a level by using their FITT and then maximize the FITT they earn while exploring the jungle in all their following exploits!

The cost of stat change required depends on the following:

  • Level

  • Maximum Energy

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