How to get a Fitmint Sneaker

Life is better in running shoes!

Access Market-

  • Visit this link or if you're using Android, go to your fitmint app -> more -> market

  • Enter your email & verify OTP on website

How to decide which sneaker to buy- There are quite a few options available for purchase. These listed sneaker NFTs are crafted & sold by other players.

  • Sneakers optimised for low intensity are suitable for low intensity workouts like walking. When paired with walking, it lead to lesser repair costs

  • Sneakers optimised for high intensity are suitable for high intensity workouts like running. When paired with running, it leads to lesser repair costs

  • A sneaker can either be an OG basics or an MG Glides. OG basics are limited in supply & have more collectible value

  • A sneaker with higher level generally costs higher & gives better FITT earnings

  • Use filters to find out cheapest or the most expensive sneaker

How to buy-

  • After you have chosen the sneaker you want to buy, you need sufficient MATIC in game balance

  • To Add Matic from any external wallet (like metamask), Go to profile -> Tokens -> Connect wallet to add funds -> polygon

  • Connect your trust wallet by approving on metamask app or extension

  • Once approved, get back on tokens page & select add funds -> polygon

  • On the transfer page, enter the amount you want to transfer from external wallet to your fitmint game balance. Make sure you transfer sufficient MATIC according to the price of your chosen sneaker

  • Once transfer is complete, go to the sneaker page you wanted to buy, Click on Buy option & Confirm your purchase!

Voila! You are all set to workout with your brand new sneaker & start earning FITT!

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