Sneaker NFT

It's okay to be obsessed with Sneakers!

Can you imagine working-out without shoes? No, right.

Well, as you must have guessed it by now, the NFT in our app is going to be the Sneakers and the whole gameplay is going to be around those superlative sneakers.

Only if you own these sneakers NFT, you can start your fitness journey with Fitmint, earn a daily passive income and take part in many exciting and rewarding gameplays

How to get Fitmint Sneakers

Fitmint sneakers are available on our official marketplace- The Fitmint Market

You can buy Fitmint sneakers from our official Marketplace- The Fitmint Market. All the sneakers on market are crafted & listed by our existing players. Here's how you can get a brand new fitmint sneaker: 1. Login on Market with you email & Verify OTP 2. Select a sneaker you want to buy - Sneakers can be bought with MATIC - Sneakers with higher level would generally provide better net FITT earnings & cost more - You can use sorting option to see cheapest available sneaker 3. Add sufficient MATIC to game - Go to profile -> tokens -> Add funds -> Polygon - You can connect any external wallet (like metamask) & transfer MATIC to your game balance 4. Confirm your purchase! Once bought, you can login on the app with the same email ID & your brand new sneaker is ready for workout!

Here's a detailed guide on how to decide which sneaker to buy & how to make a successful purchase.

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