Sneaker NFT
It's okay to be obsessed with Sneakers!
Sneaker NFT
Can you imagine working-out without shoes? No, right.
Well, as you must have guessed it by now, the NFT in our app is going to be the Sneakers and the whole gameplay is going to be around those superlative sneakers.
Only if you own these sneakers NFT, you can start your fitness journey with Fitmint, earn a daily passive income and take part in many exciting and rewarding gameplays

Once you download the app and complete your sign-up flow, you can mint your sneaker from the home page.
We will soon be launching our in-app marketplace where you will be able to buy the sneaker from other app users.
The accepted mode of currency for the purchase will be MATIC (Polygon). In future, we will add more currencies like USDT, ETH etc.

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