Sneaker stats & types

Sneaker Stats:

Each sneaker NFT will have 4 stats/attributes which are going to play the different roles in your fitness journey with Fitmint

  1. Power:

    1. Power will determine the rate by which you will earn FITT tokens. Higher power will result in more earnings.

    2. In addition, your power also contributes to your final repair cost & decay

  2. Durability:

    Durability will determine the rate of health decay of your sneaker & your repair cost.

    Durability can be tweaked to minimize repair cost as per your workout behaviour

  3. Stamina: TBD (In development)

  4. Comfort: TBD (In development)

Sneaker Types

There are going to be 5 types of sneakers. Each type will have different rarity levels, stats and utilities:

  1. Basic: In closed beta phase, we are going to have only basic sneakers. Whenever a basic sneaker will be minted, it will have randomly generated values for the sneaker stats which can be anything between 1 and 7.

  2. Athlete: TBD (under development)

  3. Pro-athlete: TBD (under development)

  4. Legend: TBD (under development)

  5. Special edition: TBD (under development)

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