We have our native in-game currency named 'FITMINT ($FITT)' which is an ERC20 fungible token deployed on Polygon.

The goal with $FITT is to create a sustainable economy while aligning the incentives for all the stakeholders of the ecosystem - Players, Builders, Developers & Investors

Token Utility:

  • Get complete access to the game

    Use $FITT for in-game activities - Level Upgrade, Sneaker minting, Sneaker customization, Single player challenges, Social competitions etc.

  • Experience real world utility

    Unlock access to $FITT-exclusive offers with brands across categories - gyms, health insurance, merchandise and more

  • Win staking rewards

    Stake your $FITT early on and get a chance to win rewards like free Sneaker NFTs & minting tickets

  • Governance Once we have built a mature product and ecosystem for all the stakeholders, we will start decentralizing the project and let the $FITT token holders decide the direction and future of Fitmint.

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